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Some key features of our newest addition the FAS1-Compact 

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The FAS1 safes take security a step further than any other handgun safe with our optional keyed lock. It was developed for adding an extra layer of security. In the neutral position has no function at all on the safe or push button lock. It has two functions:

1) Deadbolt the push button lock (Out Position)

Say you leave a home defense gun in it all the time. The safe can't be opened even if the correct combination is entered. This is an exclusive function that no one else offers.

2) Backup entry (In Position) 

The keyed backup entry is really a by product. This function can easily be disabled by the customer that does not want a key available.

Optional In&Out Lock Description  

The original "FAST ACTION SAFE"

  • Designed to safely store most full size semi-auto handguns and medium frame revolvers and allow very fast retrieval when needed.
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A. utilizing 3/16" steel plate (7 GA) for the hinged door and welded construction of the box.
  • The hinged door is recessed and has a door jamb to discourage prying.
  • Solid 3/8" hinge pin is welded in place and covered when the the door is closed.
  • The handgun is mounted in the  holster to the underside of the door.
  • A gas spring opens the hinged door rapidly to present the firearm to the user in a consistent manner for ease of retrieval when the proper combination is entered and the knob twisted 1/4 turn clockwise. 
  • Uses a mechanical push-button lock for simple, reliable operation You set the combination. No batteries, electricity, or fingerprint scan to malfunction.
  • Mount anywhere you like such as a bed frame, nightstand, desk, floor, shelf, vehicle, etc. Mount vertical or horizontal, just drill holes where needed and secure with hardware from your local store. There are no pre-drilled mounting holes in this safe. Our recommendation is to anchor to the floor, wall, or something solid.

Optional In&Out Lock Features  

  • Each lock is designed and built to provide resistance to concerted attacks of all kinds. 
  • 10 pin version of the acclaimed and patented Octagon mechanism. A standard pin tumbler lock pick will not fit.
  • Over five million different key combinations.
  • Drill resistant hardened steel body and center.
  • Special head profile and extra secure retention of the internal components to resist drive-through attacks.
  • All known methods of attack are protected against, from picking and manipulation through physical assault to unauthorized issue of keys for keyed alike groups.
  • Aesthetics have not been overlooked being finished in stunning, polished black nickel plate.
  • Key controlled. Replacement keys only available from FAS1 Safe.  Supplied with two keys per lock as standard. Available keyed alike or different.