FAS1-SBD (Silent But Deadly)

FAS1-TL Safe Customer Review

FAS1 Safe Active Shooter Training Class

FAS1 Safe - Duty To Act/CQD Denver 

  FAS1-Magnum XL / Maxim 9

(Courtesy of CapitolArmory.com)

FAS1 Safe Review by 2A Guys and Gear 

For your suppressed handgun. Shown with a Sig Sauer 1911 TacOps with an AAC Ti-RANT .45 silencer installed.

Active Shooter Response Training Center using a FAS1 handgun safe during this training exercise.

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Jimmy Graham with Duty To Act/CQD Denver explains why he chooses FAS1 Safe for his handgun and for handgun training classes he teaches.

Dual function supplemental lock enhances security and functions as a back up entry (if desired). It will let you in and also lock you out even if the correct code is entered on the primary push-button lock.

FAS1-MAX with carpeted interior. Same dimensions as the FAS1-Magnum but no holster. Shown with a few of my handguns so you can get an idea of the interior space. Also available in MAX XL.

  FAS1-Magnum TL

(Courtesy of AR500Armor.com)


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Opening and closing the FAS1 Safe.

Customer reviews and mounts his FAS1-TL handgun safe to his bed frame.

  In&Out Supplemental Lock

FAS1 Safe

Review by Brian showing one of his FAS1 safes with his Ruger SP101.

Visit them  @  https://www.youtube.com/user/2AGuysAndGear 

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