Here's a few photos of our products (click to enlarge). Be sure and take a look at our photos page to get some ideas of how customers are using their FAS1 safe. Full descriptions are on our product page.

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Thank you for taking a look at our products. We are proud to offer what we feel are some of the best ways to secure your handgun and in the case of our quick access models, still have it readily available to you when or if you need it. We created these products to offer the best quality, durability and reliability available in handgun storage.

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The FAS1 safes take security a step further than any other handgun safe with our optional keyed lock. It was developed for adding an extra layer of security. The quality and security features of this lock can be found on our features page.

The lock has two functions:

Position 1: Deadbolt the push button lock (Out Position) 

Say you leave a home defense gun in it all the time. The safe can't be opened even if the correct combination is entered. This is an exclusive function that no one else offers.

Position 2: In the neutral position, it has no function at all on the safe or push button lock. The push button lock functions normally.

Position 3: Backup entry (In Position) 
The keyed backup entry is really a by-product. This function can easily be disabled by the customer that does not want a key available just by changing the included 90 degree stop washer on the back of the lock.